As an artist I am always on the look out for life drawing models - female.

The most important requirements of a model are reliability and being at ease with yourself. It is important to feel comfortable with your body, not be self conscious about being nude and be able to hold a pose for an extended time. The duration for most of my artworks is generally around 20 - 30 minutes, some lying down poses maybe 45 minutes. The sessions are one on one with the model and myself and the atmosphere is relaxed, comfortable and professional.

Sessions are 3 hours duration and I am paying $75 cash per session. If you are an experienced life model (drawing or photographic) or are considering modelling - though some of my recent models have no experience and have never gone nude before and it has all worked out well. I will be pleased to hear from you and we can discuss details and any queries you may have. Our art sessions are very private though on occasion my wife (who is also an artist) may join in. We use heaters and fans to be sure you are comfortable and we ensure there are rest breaks and refreshments available.

I am currently working towards an exhibition and refining my skills from my art studio in Hobart - Studio 231 within the Salamanca Arts Centre, 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart.

Please contact me on email if you have an interest in being a life model.

Geoffrey Swan
The Naked Artist

03 62660209
Deep Southern Tasmania, Australia