Whilst studying Architecture in the 70's I would occasionally sneak down to the School or Art & Design and join in the life drawing sessions. My interest and passion with the female nude stayed with me when I set up a boutique photographic business which focussed on all things female. Eminent photographer David Hamilton was my inspiration at the time.

Following my studies I worked for a couple of years as the stage and entertainment manager in a nightclub. This was in the days when strippers were an accepted floorshow both late at night and at lunchtimes in various pubs. I worked the followspot and travelled with the strippers from venue to venue - not such a bad job for a young bloke in his 20's.

As my career blossomed into executive life and I moved from Perth to Sydney, Sydney to New Zealand and back, there were a few opportunities when I put brush to paper, but generally "life" just got in the way. It was not until mid 2000 that I pushed through and made it a regular activity. This eventually led to the formation of a Sunday morning life drawing group of fellow artists which included champagne, good music and of course a nude model. And being the group host - the model was always female - for some reason male models just don't do it for me.... Now we are on 5 acres beside a river in Tasmania, are in the process of establishing a cafe, bed & breakfast and a cheese room - and art is again an accessible activity.

The collection of works on my website are from the live model and are painted in coloured inks, pastel, pencil, charcoal and acrylic. My drawing implement of choice is a piece of stick from the garden. The original artworks have been created on A1 heavy weight cartridge paper (841mm x 594mm) and with all but a few exceptions the originals have been retained by the artist. These originals have been professionally scanned and accurately reproduced using a commercial grade ink jet printer. The stock is premium quality acid free fine art paper and the inks are archival quality. Reproductions are sold as part of a collection of limited edition prints approximately 250mm x 400mm in size.

Recently I released a collection of blank greeting cards. The is the first edition.

I invite you to email me should you have any queries about my artwork, being a model, art techniques or art reproduction.

Geoffrey Swan
The Naked Artist
Deep Southern Tasmania, Australia